2014 Swimwear Trends

Neon Color Designer Swimwear

Summer 2014 will be filled with new fashions and trends. The runways are presenting new concepts on designer innovative swimwear. Even though winter is in full swing, 2014 summer collection is already in demand. To not be considered out-dated or old-fashion, it is important to keep up with the latest trends. Here are 3 new trends for 2014.


Crochet means a handcraft in which yarn is made up into a textured fabric by means of a hooked needle.  The most popular trend is crochet swimwear for women. About 30 years ago, crochet swimwear was a hit. It has made a huge comeback for 2014 by using innovate crochet styles. This style helps to add a beautiful texture and design to your swimsuit. A famous swimwear brand that has designed beautifully made Crochet Designer Swimwear for Women is INCA swimwear. They have from crochet swimwear to crochet tunics or cover ups.

Underwire Swimsuits

As more women are being bold and adventurous with their bodies, Underwire Women’s Bathing Suits are a popular style among women. This style is a perfect choice for women who have a smaller bust but also for women who have a fuller bust. This style is great to give you support or to give you a lift. The most popular underwire swimsuits have a longer cut line in the torso area, while resembling crop tops so it can be worn outside of the beach.

Neon Swimsuits

Neon colors have also made a huge comeback from when they first came out. Bold and bright colors are dominating a lot of swimwear styles. 2014 will be a year of innovation styles and bright colors. If truly want to stand out even more, you can try mixing and matching top and bottom bikini with different colors.  The most popular neon colors are citrus yellow, neon green, fluorescent orange and electric pink. The brand Beach Bunny Swimwear has beautiful women’s swim suits with neon colors. This new trend is made for the women who love standing out and are confident.
More and more people are looking for new fashions. Now, more than ever, people are interested in having the latest trends and styles. At Pesca Boutique, we love innovative trends. That is why we are always up-to date with the fashion world, bringing our customers popular fashions within their reach.

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